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WHS Data Notice – Please Read

  England Golf WHS Data Notice
England Golf WHS Data Notice FAQ

If clicking on the link does not take you to the England Golf Website, please copy and paste it into your browser.

One point we would make is that in the FAQs it assumes that we will automatically allow England Golf access to your DOB and email address.  This is not the case as we understand it, and we are waiting for Club Systems who supply the ClubV1 software to advise us as to how they intend to manage this.  For example, do we simply tick a box allowing everyone’s information to be collected (only those requiring a handicap though) or will we be required to approach each Member individually for permission.  We will keep you informed.

England Golf WHS Privacy Notice

Update 2

There is not a great deal to say about the next few slides, they speak for themselves. The first few slides deal with how we get the scores we obtain during the day onto our record and then what part they play within the record. One thing to remember here is that there is no longer a 0.1 increase in our handicap following a poor performance – the score simply becomes one of the 20 scores that are used in the calculation of our Handicap Index. The next few slides set out the safeguards that have been built into the system to protect us from the very high or the very low scores that may have otherwise had a significant impact on our Handicap Index as they become one of the ‘8’. The final few slides go on to explain the replacement for the current CSS that is calculated after each of the qualifying competition rounds.

There is quite a good article in Today’s Golfer about the new WHS and this can be found at:

I have added the conversion table for the Belmont course to the ‘Local Explanations’ part of the WHS on the website. Some more slides to come next week and as always, any question, you only have to ask.

Update 1

The latest presentation to the Club was supported by some 85 PowerPoint slides that took us through the whole system. As mentioned in the introduction a while ago, the intention is not to place all the slides onto the website at once but to split them up into probably 4 bitesize chunks. The first chunk will deal with the welcome address and the key principles, the rules of handicapping, explanation of the rating system, new to golf attainment of a handicap index and the beginning of how the new system will bridge the old and calculate our handicap index.

A change of mind here – we had said that not all the background information would not be released unless you asked specifically for it; you may as well have everything we have seen! One proviso though, much of the ‘nitty gritty’ will be looked after by the software and hopefully, we will see what this looks like later in the year.

The Course Index will be of great importance to us all, so there should be tables and mobile apps etc again, later in the year. However, on the Local Explanations part of the WHS on the website we have put together what the tables may look like. A disclaimer though – we have prepared this through excel and whilst we are confident that the numbers are correct (ish!) they will need to be validated later in the year. Brownlow will be the first to appear on the website with Belmont and Ancaster to follow shortly.

As always, any question, you only have to ask


It will not have been lost on everyone now that on 2 November this year, we will move to a new way of calculating our handicaps and from that, a new method of adjusting them when playing the different competition types.

Earlier in the year, we produced an introduction to the WHS focusing on the Slope ratings for the various courses we have and explained how we arrive at a ‘Course Handicap’ (this is to be the handicap that MUST be included on the card when playing).  We have now, some more information from England Golf and this will be passed out to the Members in bite-size chunks, dealing first with the Principles behind the change, the Course and Slope rating and the Handicap Index.

There is a lot more information on just how the software will calculate the Handicap Index and how it will protect an individual’s Handicap Index from very high or very low scores etc.  It is the intention not to release all the ‘nitty gritty’ on just how to calculate score differentials, hard and soft caps, ESRs and the like, but to give an overview.  That said, this stuff isn’t secret so, if anyone wants to see the whole package please shout up!

The notes for Members will be released every week or so and include what is expected of us all, our part to play in what will be the replacement of the CSS, what scores we can and can’t submit for handicapping purposes and how to calculate our handicaps for what is most of the time, social golf.

Lastly, we will set out what is required of your Committee in managing your new Handicap Index, penalties, reviews and sanctions etc.

Our website now includes separate pages for the Introduction of the WHS, Presentation Slides, links to the England Golf videos and finally, a page for Local Explanations where we hope to be able to put our own slant on the new system.

As always, any questions, please ask.

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