Belton Park Golf Club

Entrant List for Gents Spring Open - Rothwell Lee Cup (AM)

68 players have been signed up for this competition as of 9:30 PM Monday 15th July

Daniel Abrahams (Maylands Golf Club)
Victor Abrahams (Maylands Golf Club)
IAN ALLSOPP (Bulwell Forest)
JACK ALLSOPP (Bulwell Forest)
Samuel Asher (Coxmoor)
Peter Bellamy (Peterborough Milton)
Henry Brewin (Wollaton Park Golf Club)
Steve Buckle (Norwood Park)
Christopher Budd (Edwalton)
Lee Burton (Norwood Park)
Daniel Cassidy (Norwood Park)
Joshua Creed (Sherwood Forest)
Adam Dalby (Birstall)
Adrian Dobney (6.8)
Mark Doody (Peterborough Milton)
GARY EATON (Bulwell Forest)
Martin Eldred (St Annes Old Links)
Daniel Etches (Coxmoor)
Matthew Etches (Coxmoor)
Nicolas Everitt (Coxmoor)
DANNY GARRATT (Bulwell Forest)
paul gosling (Bulwell Forest)
Steve Groves (Sherwood Forest)
Jay Heighton (Beedles Lake Golf Club)
Paul Hill (Coxmoor)
Frederick Holmes (Hainault Forest Golf Club)
Mike Horton (Wollaton Park Golf Club)
Paul HUBBARD (Toft Golf Club)
Liam Hutchinson (Wollaton Park Golf Club)
Douglas Jackson (Greetham Valley Golf Club)
PAUL JACKSON (Sherwood Forest)
Ian Kirby (Coxmoor)
Ben Lilley (4.7)
Danny Love (High Legh Park)
Luigi Manganiello (Peterborough Milton)
Dean Marriott (Norwood Park)
Stuart Marriott (Birstall)
Richard Martin (Coxmoor)
Lewis Maskery (Coxmoor)
Dean Mason (Peterborough Milton)
Jack Merry (Rothley Park)
James Middleton (Peterborough Milton)
Simon Newell (Wollaton Park Golf Club)
Steven Nicholls (Peterborough Milton)
Lee NICHOLSON (South Kyme)
Tony Noakes (Maylands Golf Club)
Johnny OXBY (South Kyme)
Grenville Patman (Coxmoor)
Henry Patman (Coxmoor)
John PIGGOTT (Toft Golf Club)
Liam Pucill (Woodhall Spa)
Dean Salmon (Coxmoor)
Andrew Sears (Coxmoor)
Paul Sears (Sherwood Forest)
Kevin Shelton (Coxmoor)
Andrew SHORTLAND (South Kyme)
Phil Smith (Sherwood Forest)
Steve Spitzmuller (Edwalton)
Graham Townsend (Peterborough Milton)
Andrew Wagstaff (Sherwood Forest)
Ricky Wakefield (Beedles Lake Golf Club)
Matt Walsh (Wollaton Park Golf Club)
Chris Webb (Birstall)
Danny Wheeler (Wollaton Park Golf Club)
Peter Wilson (27.2)
Tony Wilson (Toft Golf Club)
William Samuel Wood (Oakmere Park Admirals)
Sean Young (Coxmoor)

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