WHS - Intro


It will not have been lost on everyone now that on 2 November this year, we will move to a new way of calculating our handicaps and from that, a new method of adjusting them when playing the different competition types.

Earlier in the year we produced an introduction to the WHS focusing on the Slope ratings for the various courses we have and explained how we arrive at a ‘Course Handicap’ (this is to be the handicap that MUST be included on the card when playing).  We have now, some more information from England Golf and this will be passed out to the Members in bite size chunks, dealing first with the Principles behind the change, the Course and Slope rating and the Handicap Index.

There is a lot more information on just how the software will calculate the Handicap Index and how it will protect an individual’s Handicap Index from very high or very low scores etc.  It is the intention not to release all the ‘nitty gritty’ on just how to calculate score differentials, hard and soft caps, ESRs and the like, but to give an overview.  That said, this stuff isn’t secret so, if anyone want to see the whole package please shout up!

The notes for Members will be released every week or so and include what is expected of us all, our part to play in what will be the replacement of the CSS, what scores we can and can’t submit for handicapping purposes and how to calculate our handicaps for what is most of the time, social golf.

Lastly, we will set out what is required of your Committee in managing your new Handicap Index, penalties, reviews and sanctions etc.

Our website now includes separate pages for the Introduction of the WHS, Presentation Slides, links to the England Golf videos and finally, a page for Local Explanations where we hope to be able to put our own slant on the new system.

As always, any questions, please ask.