Seniors - Nick Craft Trophy - February 5th

On Tuesday, February 5th, 45 seniors braved some very cold and frosty conditions to compete for the first trophy of the new season, the Nick Craft Trophy.

Each team is given a numbered yellow ball which must be handed in when the scorecard is handed in.  The competition is a stableford format played in teams of 3, where the 2 best scores out of 3 count on each hole and the yellow ball counts double. Each player in the team plays the yellow ball in turn. If a team loses their yellow ball it ceases to count.

The course was very frosty to start with, but softened up as the round went on. All greens were temporaries which made putting a bit of a challenge to say the least!

Given the challenging conditions, the scores were very respectable, the winners were as follows;

1st   Manny Barker, Derek Little, and Dennis Santer  124 points 
2nd  Tony Noble, Dave Jackson, and Norman Halliday  121 points
3rd Simon Denton, Clive Goode, and John Clarke

120 points on c/b 


Nick Craft presented the trophy to the winning team.