Seniors – Jack Whiteley Trophy - 25th February

On Tuesday, February 25th 42 Seniors competed in the final round of the Jack Whiteley Trophy series. The competition is played over 10 rounds during the winter and each round has a different format, played in teams of 3. The winner of the trophy is the player who has the best 6 results in the series.

The final round was a “Joker” format where each player nominates one hole on each nine to play their joker, which doubles their points score on that hole. The result of the final round was as follows;



Pete Rollings, Paul Walsh, and John Newton        

102 points


Tom Green, Rob Gullis, and Steve White

97 points (on countback)


Mike Collins, John Thompson, Derek Little

97 points


The overall winner of the Jack Whiteley Trophy was Gary Hill.

The competition was followed by a light lunch and the presentation of the trophy to the winner. Ian Askew won a bottle of Whisky in the heads and tails game after the meal.