Past Captain’s Trophy 2018

Ian Whyte the 2000 Captain wins Past Captain’s Trophy at Belton Park

Ian Whyte who was captain of Belton Park at the turn of the century won for the first time the annual competition open to Past Captain’s. The field of 22 was also joined to play by current Captain Colin Mason and Vice captain Simon Denton. After the golf, 1984 Captain David Burnett and 1991 Captain Keith Flinders joined the others for a celebratory meal. As this took place at the same time of England’s World Cup Semi final match a large screen was used to show the match.  

The full results were:

1st Place:  I Whyte (Captain 2000) 41 pts

2nd Place: J Fulton (Captain 1993) 40 pts

3rd Place:  J White  (Captain 1996) 40 pts


Pictured at the presentation are current captain Colin Mason, winner Ian Whyte and President and 1997 captain David Harris.