Grantham Cup - Sunday, April 14th

The thermometer read 2 degrees when the first team tee’d off in the Grantham Cup at Belton Park on Sunday, April 14th.  It was chilly day with a slight breeze that saw 36 teams competing in an AM AM format where teams of 4 recorded 2 scores on each hole for the trophy. 

The winning team of Bryan Cherrill, Dale Maplethorpe, Dean Griffiths, & Gary Tupper recorded a score of 88 points winning by 2.  There was a 2’s sweep on the day and that was divided up amongst the 19 winners, including a hole-in-one by Martin Kelby on the 6th!

Name Hole
Peter Gittins  14th
Steve Preston  4th
Martin Kelby  6th (Hole-in-one!)
Peter Corcoran  14th
Andrew Wain  6th
Nick Pigott  17th
James Anderton     14th
Dean Griffiths  17th
Terry Quinn  17th
Jonathan Ward  14th
Nic Banner  14th
Graham Watkin  17th
John Kelly  17th
Peter Thacker  17th
James Sneddon  6th
Pete McKeown  6th
Geoff Green  6th
Harry Glenn  6th
Michael Green  14th