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Winter League Round 6

The Winter League Results and standings after the last round of the qualification stage.

1st     Simon Stuart & Steve Gaunt                      £76 (38 ea)

2nd    Adrian Dobney & Martin Harlock             £48

3rd     Paul Adams & Stephen Wallis                   £32

4th     Andrew MacGowan & Keith Meadows  £24

5th     Ben Bayliss & Bill Simpson                          £20


Top 5 scores were:  62, 65.4, 66.6, 68.4 and 68.6


88 competitors entered the 2s, divided by the 15 (13 + 2 for the Hole in One by Trevor Dean) that were recorded = £6 per 2 (3 ea). 


Denton & Clarke (6.00 = 3.00 ea)

Clough & Lindfield

Dobney & Harlock

Craven & Walsh

Meredith & Neal

Stuart & Gaunt (2 x 2s  12.00 = 6.00 ea)

Chamberlain & Sheppard

Guest & Duggan

Sherwin & Smith

Kane & Evans

Green & Trotter

Dean & Allison

Dean (Hole in One) = 2 x 2s 12.00


Total 2s pot was extended to £90


All the scores and the League points can be seen on the attached spreadsheet; a copy of which will be up on the wall by the changing room.  The following will go forward to the Knock-out:


1                  Stuart & Gaunt

2                  Moody & Hill

3                  Sheppard & Chamberlain

4                  MacGowan & Meadows

5                  Claxton & Allen

6                  Green & Jaffrey

7                  Kane & Evans

8                  Sims & Sims

9                  Clough & Lindfield

10            Clark & Dyson

11            Meredith & Neal

12            Allison & Dean

13            Chapple & Carter

14            Guest & Duggan

15            Trotter & Green

16            Franklin & Selby


Rules:  Number 1 will play number 16, 2 play 15 etc – the sheet will be on the noticeboard sometime Monday.  Tees to be used are the ‘tees of the day’ unless we are at a stage when the White Tees are out, then they should be used.  Play-by dates are to be observed – we want this finished by the end of May – 1st Round = 23 Mar, 2nd Round = 13 Apr, 3rd Round = 4 May and the Final by 25 May.


Many thanks everyone, a good turnout on a wet and windy winter’s day – thank you.



Club Am Am Results

Results from Sunday's Club Am Am 

1st     Patel, Hunter, Day & Chambers                          96 Pts

2nd    Ferguson, Summerfield, Doyle & Rogers         92 Pts

3rd     Barson, Barson, Beanland & Beanland            91 Pts

4th     Chambers, Oswin, Drechsler & Sutton             89 Pts (OCB)

5th     Jaffrey, Green, Neil & Whitehead                      89 Pts


1st Prize             94.00 (23.50 ea)

2nd Prize            70.00 (17.50 ea)

3rd Prize             50.00 (12.50 ea)

4th Prize             36.00 (9.00 ea)

5th Prize             28.00 (7.00 ea)


All other scores ranged between 77 and 88 Pts.


103 competitors entered the 2s, divided by the 20 x 2s which gives £5.15 for each:


Bob Rogers                                    Michael Craven

Richard Summerfield                 Ajay Panchal

Andrew Beanland                      Steve Turton

Peter Drechsler                           David Swayne

Brian Jaffrey                                 John Cooke

Simon Moore                               Kevin Williams

Tom Tyndall                                 Terry Guest

Gary Long                                      Andy Lewis

Andrew Kelley                             Josh Smith (x 2)

James Anderton


Many thanks everyone, a good turnout again – thank you.

Dance Class - Thursday 20th Feb

The next dance class is this Thursday (20th Feb') when Paul will be putting on a Rumba master class. It starts at 6.30pm and is £5pp.

Please add your name to the list in the clubhouse if you are attending.

Seniors – Nick Craft Trophy - Tuesday, February 4th

On Tuesday, February 4th, the Seniors took part in the Nick Craft Trophy competition. The competition is a “yellow ball” format, whereby each team of 3 players has a yellow ball and each team member uses the yellow ball in rotation. The Stableford score of the yellow ball counts double and, if the team loses their yellow ball, they obviously lose the ability for it to count double. Only 2 teams lost their yellow ball!

It was a very cold windy morning and 45 players took part in the competition on the Ancaster course. There were some excellent scores, the winning team consisted of: Steve White, John Clarke & John Elliott scoring 116 points, that’s 6 points clear of 2nd place! 



Steve White, John Clarke & John Elliott

116 points


Mike Collins, Gary Hill, & Paul Walsh

110 points     


David Langley, David Andrew & Tiny Holmes      

109 points

Nick Craft was on hand to present the trophy to the winning team. 

Bunker Renovation

This week, Lee and his team are doing a little bit or turf work.

On Monday morning they took delivery of 1200 square metres of top quality turf from Fineturf. The lads have unloaded, transported and commenced work on the new bunkers.

You will note the use of upside down turf as a liner for the new bunkers. Clever.

The new fairway bunker on the 1st was completed by morning tea break and one on the 10th was finished by lunch. Now that is a fantastic effort!


Seniors – Texas Scramble – January 21st

On Tuesday, January 21st 45 Seniors braved freezing conditions to compete in a “Fun Golf Texas Scramble”. The conditions early on were freezing cold with a heavy frost, the coldest morning we’ve seen this winter. Conditions improved as the sun came up and the last few teams finished in beautiful sunshine!

The competition was played over the composite course and was won by the team of; Simon Denton, Richard Meadows and Tiny Holmes with a nett score of 58.64!

The competition was followed by a light lunch and Dennis Santer won a bottle of Malt Whisky in the heads and tails game after the meal. Just over £50 was raised for the Senior Captain’s two charities, The Alzheimer’s Society and The Grantham Passage.






Winning Team   

Simon Denton, Richard Meadows, and Tiny Holmes   


2nd place

Alan Addis, Trevor Collis, and Phil Willcock


3rd place

David Smith, John Thompson, and Paul Walsh


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