Club Am Am Results

Results from Sunday's Club Am Am 

1st     Patel, Hunter, Day & Chambers                          96 Pts

2nd    Ferguson, Summerfield, Doyle & Rogers         92 Pts

3rd     Barson, Barson, Beanland & Beanland            91 Pts

4th     Chambers, Oswin, Drechsler & Sutton             89 Pts (OCB)

5th     Jaffrey, Green, Neil & Whitehead                      89 Pts


1st Prize             94.00 (23.50 ea)

2nd Prize            70.00 (17.50 ea)

3rd Prize             50.00 (12.50 ea)

4th Prize             36.00 (9.00 ea)

5th Prize             28.00 (7.00 ea)


All other scores ranged between 77 and 88 Pts.


103 competitors entered the 2s, divided by the 20 x 2s which gives £5.15 for each:


Bob Rogers                                    Michael Craven

Richard Summerfield                 Ajay Panchal

Andrew Beanland                      Steve Turton

Peter Drechsler                           David Swayne

Brian Jaffrey                                 John Cooke

Simon Moore                               Kevin Williams

Tom Tyndall                                 Terry Guest

Gary Long                                      Andy Lewis

Andrew Kelley                             Josh Smith (x 2)

James Anderton


Many thanks everyone, a good turnout again – thank you.