BPGC Seniors matches vs Stoke Rochford – Home and Away

The Seniors played in the last 2 matches of the 2018 season, home and away against Stoke Rochford.

The away match was played on Wednesday, September 26th. The Belton Seniors were welcomed with a hearty breakfast rather than an after-match meal.

The Stoke Rochford course is hilly and tricky if you don’t know it! The Stoke Rochford home team proved too strong for Belton Park on the day and had a convincing win - 6½ to 1½.

On Tuesday, October 2nd the return match was held at Belton Park on a fine but windy autumn day. This was a very tight match with 4 out of the 8 matches being halved. The result was an honourable 4-4 draw.

This was the last match of the 2018 season.