BPGC C Team vs Burghley Park – Tuesday, June 12th

This was the C Team's 6th match this year and was played on a warm Tuesday evening. The Burghley Park course has changed dramatically from last year, as 3 ponds have been totally removed, replaced by new sand and grass bunkers, creating new golf challenges!

The fairways were well-defined between penal severe rough perimeters and the greens were going through some improvements and therefore were slower than our own greens.

Pali Tamang played in his first C Team match for BPGC and started with a good win, 3 & 2.

Belton Park were eventual winners by a good margin, 4-2, individual match results were as follows;

Ian Carroll and Andy MacGowan  Won 3 & 2
2 Pali Tamang and Jim Wiggins Won 3 & 2
3 Gary Clark and John Cooke Won 1 up
4 Ben Bayliss and Keith Smith Lost 5 & 3
5 Richard Welbourne and Jack Diment  Won 2 up
6 Dave Chambers and David Capindale  Lost 4 & 2


There was a nearest the pin on the 9th hole and this was won by BPGC Jack Diment with a 186-yard tee shot leaving a 6-inch putt, not bad for an old boy!

The food, prepared by Burghley’s new chef, was fish pie followed by a cheesecake, much appreciated by all the players and ended the evening perfectly.