Belton Park C Team Match vs Stanton-on-the-Wolds

This was the last match of the season for the Belton Park C team, playing at home versus Stanton-on-the-Wolds, the 19th match of the year for the C team. 

On a lovely sunny afternoon, after a previous day’s heavy rain, surprisingly the course was open albeit the bunkers were full of water and the greens were quite slow. For this end-of-season match, both teams had increased their team size to 8 pairs each from the usual 6 pairs. This was the 3rd match between these two teams with one win each, so Belton Park hoped the home advantage would help. 

Captain Ian Carroll, partnered by Clive Horn, played against Stanton’s Club Captain Peter Gauntley and Doug Tragheim and, within 2 holes, went 1 down but over the round came back and, by the 13th hole the Belton pair were 4 up and went on to win the match. As his team players hinted later, it was a good win for the Captain so Clive must have played well! 

As the matches and results began to come in, each result changed the final balance so both teams were eager to see the final match return and which team would win. Eventually the last pair of John Cooke and Dish Patel appeared and the Belton Park team were very happy that the result went in favour of Belton Park by 4½ - 3½. 

Stanton’s Captain Peter Gauntley praised the evening meal and Belton Park Gents Captain Simon Denton congratulated Stanton’s club Captain Peter Gauntley and his team for a match played in such a friendly atmosphere. 



Captain Ian Carroll and Clive Horn

Won 3&2 


Gents Captain Simon Denton and Keith Smith     

Lost 2&1 


Nigel Rodway and Dean Eldred



John Cooke and Dish Patel

Won 2&1 


Martin Clarke and Robb Tapp

Won 1 up    


Ian Whyte and Dave Wing

Lost 3&1 


Ben Baylis and Garry Taylor

Won 3&2 


Colin Mason and Graeme Day

Lost 3&2