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Dress Code

All members, guests and visitors are required to abide by the club’s Dress Code, which is as follows:

General Statement

The implementation of the dress code is primarily the responsibility of the Management Committee, the staff and the members of Belton Park Golf Club. It is expected that the implementation of this code will be effected with courtesy and common sense especially as regards to visitors and guests. Should anyone knowingly disregard the dress code they may be asked by a member of staff or committee to refrain from entering certain areas of the Clubhouse or be allowed on the golf course.


Golfers must wear recognised golf attire and footwear whilst on the course.
Gents – long trousers or tailored shorts. Shirts with a collar or roll neck with sleeves, tucked into the waistband. Golf shoes with spikes, soft spikes or dimples.
Ladies – long or cropped trousers, tailored shorts, skirts or skorts. Tops with a collar with or without sleeves or tops without a collar must have sleeves. Shoes with spikes, soft spikes or dimples


All members and visitors are expected to wear smart clothing and footwear whilst in the clubhouse.
Any form of wet or muddy clothing and footwear is unacceptable. Golf shoes with spikes are not permitted in the lounge or dining room. Spikeless/dimple golf shoes may be worn in the lounge or dining room, providing they have not been worn on the course. All golf shoes which have been worn on the course may ONLY be worn in the Spike Bar and then only during the period 1st April to 30th September.
Caps, hats or visors are to be removed in the clubhouse.


All members and visitors are expected to wear smart clothing when using the dining room.
At the discretion of the organisers of team matches, mixed matches and social functions a more formal standard of dress to include jackets, shirts with a collar and ties may be required. This will be decided by the organisers and advertised prior to the event/match


Gentlemen collecting prizes must wear a Jacket, a shirt with a collar and a tie and Ladies are asked to wear appropriate clothing. Notices will be displayed to indicate if this rule has been relaxed for a presentation.


There are no dress rules for juniors. Effective June 2015

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