Belton Park Golf Club

Founded 1890

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The Belton Park G.C. 300 Club

“The BPGC 300 Club” – 2017

Rules & Regulations

  • The club runs on a yearly basis. Participants purchase a number which is placed in a draw every month. There will be an additional draw for two free annual subscriptions in December.
  • Numbers cost £20 each per year.
  • Details of the draw will be published on the notice boards.
  • 50% of all takings are allocated to the cash prize fund. The remaining 50% goes towards the course improvement projects. In the event that in excess of 300 tickets are sold, additional prizes will be offered.
  • Three numbers are drawn from the ballot and the owners are awarded cash prizes. 1st prize – £100, 2nd prize – £30 and 3rd prize – £20.
  • The free subs will be drawn at the annual New Years Eve party. If the free subs prize is won by anyone who is not a full fee paying member, he or she will be given a cash equivalent.
  • Membership is restricted to members of Belton Park Golf Club.
  • Members may purchase as many numbers as they desire.
  • Anyone 16 or over may purchase a ticket.
  • Numbers will be issued by the General Manager.
  • Winners will be notified by email or post and the results will be posted on the notice board and on the members Section of the BPGC website.

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